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Some of our best and most beautiful kitty friends are black cats, so we’re taking the opportunity to debunk some of the negative myths that have surrounded these gorgeous house panthers over the years. Black cats are viewed as either bad luck or highly auspicious. In North America, some consider it bad luck if a black cat crosses your path. Black cats are sleek, gorgeous animals, but — believe it or not — some people don’t adopt them because they think they aren’t as attractive as kitties with patterned or other-colored fur. Lighting and background are key in order to achieve a stunning photo — but it’s absolutely worth it because black cats are truly stunning and as full of personality as any other cat. For example, Pepper! This handsome boy has been looking for his forever home for much too long. He is sweet and energetic. Pepper loves to play and explore everywhere. He loves to drink from the bathroom water spout! He sometimes so he can get a bit anxious and defensive if he's not in the mood for cuddles. He would be comfortable with a family that has only one other kitty, if they are introduced slowly. Pepper is super sweet and loves to play! Please consider Pepper if you are looking for a new furkid.

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